Gehring's Meat Market Inc. is a family owned and operated country meat market. We are convieniently located just off Hwy 41 on Hwy K. Here at Gehring's, we do our best to provide you many varieties of meats and poultry as we can to suit your needs. Stop in today!

Welcome to Gehring's Meat Market

We have an extensive variety of meats, hamburgers, brats, and much more! If you don't see something you want on our website, give us a call! We are more than happy to help accomodate your needs. 

Wild Game Processing
Carry Out Catering

Brat Flavors

Regular Horseradish
Polish Chicken
Italian Gyro
Beer Cordon Bleu
Ballpark Bacon Cheddar
Sauerkraut Buffalo Wing
Pepper-Jack Green & Gold (Jalapeno)
Hot Italian Feta & Spinach
Smoked Reuben
Pre-Cooked Philly Cheese Steak
Mushroom Swiss Reuben


Summer Sausage
Beef Sticks
Hot Sticks
BBQ Sticks
Honey BBQ Ham
Beef Jerky (Reg/Teryaki)
Pepper-Jack Hot Sticks
Beef Jerky
Ring Bologna
Liver Sausage
Blood Sausage
Potato Sausage

Custom Ordering

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T-Bones          3/4"    3-4 steaks           Sirloin Tip Roast  3lbs   1 or 2         

Porterhouses   3/4"    3 steaks              Rump Roast        3lbs   1 or 2   

Sirloin Steaks   3/4"    4 steaks              Chuck Roast        3lbs   6 or 7    

Round Steaks   1/2"    4 steaks              Ground Beef        50lbs   1,1.5,or 2

(Can be tenderized into Swiss or Cube) Soup Bones         3-4 packs       

Rib Steak         3/4"     6-7 steaks         Short Ribs            3-4 packs        



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Pork Chops   1/2"     24-28 chops    Bacon       10-12lbs            

 Pork Steaks  1/2"     6-8 steaks        Neck Bones  1 pack             

 Pork Roast  2-3lbs    2 roasts           Spare Ribs  1 or 2 packs      

  Ham        16-18lbs                           Pork Hocks  2 Hocks            

*Your choice of approximately 14lbs of Sausage


Country Retail Meat Market

Custom Slaughtering

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